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FUNKSH 360 (Buy Two Units = Save 25% OFF)


FUNKSH 360 (Buy Two Units = Save 25% OFF) 00005

When all else fails, its time to discover the difference. Make no mistake folks, this is no ordinary device, its a precision instrument of high quality user friendly design and multi function. *Currently designated as a Class 2 medical device in Canada and currently engaged with the FDA regarding certification in the U.S.A.

The FUNKSH 360 is the world’s only pipe equipped with an adjustable airway controller, allowing you to control exactly what type of hit you want. Its amazing. This pipe is constructed entirely from medical grade G-23 titanium and is completely waterproof and virtually odorless.
The titanium provides a clean smoke that allows you to savor the flavor and durability that lasts a lifetime, as attested by its lifetime warranty! For customer service and order inquiries, Including alternative payment methods, please contact info@funksh.com
$150 In stock