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FUNKSH mission is to provide solutions for improving and extending life as we know it.

FUNKSH is an innovation company dedicated to high quality lifestyle and wellness products, for simple, safe & exceptional experiences.

A lifestyle brand at its core, FUNKSH builds wellness products to give users reliable, safe, versatile tools and promote therapeutic alternatives to the existing status quo.

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The piece itself smokes like a champ, the permanent screen is great. Almost nothing else, aside from the original ProtoPipe can claim a permanent screen that works this well. I really like this piece and am glad I got three. If you’re on the fence, I say go for it.

The best smoking pipe for cannabis is the FUNKSH 360. It’s made out of medical grade titanium and has an adjustable valve/choke that allows the user to control the intensity of the pulls and to personalize the experience of the smoke session. The best pipe ever for cannabis patients and recreational smokers worldwide. I just love my FUNKSH 360 so much.

David Blackthorne

Excellent as always. I love my Funksh 360 pipe. Thank you.


The communication from the vendor was excellent and the items arrived quickly. No hiccups.


Fantastic, I really appreciate the response and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store. The workmanship on this pipe makes me wish you had some other items. These materials and your design preference would make for a great full line of product.


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The adjustable valve allows you to control the speed and amount of smoke passing through the device, while the titanium construction dissipates heat and provides a clean taste at the same time. The combination results in a clean, smooth, controllable inhalation with no burn to your throat and lungs.



The 360 is made entirely from Medical Grade G-23 Titanium. It’s incredibly strong, tasteless, Bio-compatible, rust resistant and up to 40% lighter than stainless steel.



Water resistant and airtight. Pack the chamber, tighten the valve-stem and be on your way! Travel in confidence knowing your FUNKSH 360 keeps moisture out and odors in.



The 3 piece design is important. Take it apart in seconds, and clean it instantly. Stubborn clogs and blockages are a thing of the past.



Virtually Indestructible and light weight. The FUNKSH 360 will be the last pipe you will ever own, guaranteed.


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